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Preparing For Retirement - Open Retirement Courses


Regretably our open courses have been suspended until further notice.

We are happy to provide any existing or new clients with a special interim licence to use our internet programme ‘Talking Retirement Online’ at a reduced price to ensure no employees are left without some help if retirement is imminent.


Retirement Education Services hosts three or four two day open courses near their Oxfordshire base each year. They are open to all individuals or couples approaching retirement.

Expert speakers are provided to help you plan for all the important retirement scenarios and subjects to do with money, tax, wills, powers of attorney, state, company and personal pensions, health and whether to stay put or move home.

Who should attend?

We recommend that employees attend a pre-retirement training programme at least three years prior to retirement. By doing so, those attending have time to prepare rather than do everything at the last minute.

It’s essential that employees or their partners attend well before their state pension age even if they intend to work long after their state pension is due.

If they don’t, they risk losing thousands of pounds of state pension by failing to have paid sufficient national insurance contributions.

We do urge employers to allow partners, other family members or a friend to accompany the retiree. This is because retirement will affect all those that they interact with. Whether family or friends, our pre-retirement training course has various topics that will interest everyone.

What subjects are discussed?

Because most people worry if they’ll have sufficient money in retirement, ensuring finances are planned thoroughly is dealt with comprehensively. There is, however, a lot more to consider than where to save or invest with little or no risk. We look at tax allowances and how to protect savings against the effects of inflation.

The benefits available from the state are outlined, as are the qualifications for the state pension. Top-ups available for those on low incomes or for those caring for sick and elderly relations are discussed too.

There are usually sessions on health issues such as the benefits of exercising, health check-ups and enjoying food and drink.

You can learn the pros and cons of making wills, and the risks you subject loved ones to if you don’t. The importance of Powers of Attorney for single people or concerning elderly relatives and guardianship of grandchildren are also discussed.

Suggestions concerning the use of the additional leisure time are covered. Whether it is for further paid or voluntary work, holidays or activities that continue to stretch and motivate you. The importance of setting new goals and challenges is considered along with the benefits of establishing a new identity or status.

Many people consider moving property at retirement. This is discussed as are safety, security, mortgage and insurance aspects. We also look at care in the community and safeguarding your property if residential or nursing care becomes necessary.

The style used

With our retirement courses we are very careful not to embarrass people regarding their private affairs. No-one has to make speeches, complete tests or even make notes. The style is informal and conversational. We use a lot of humour and even award a prize. There is usually an opportunity to discuss private matters with certain speakers outside of the group sessions if you wish to.

Additional Help

Contents of free information pack, including 'Retirement - A Positive approach'At the end of the course each delegate (or couple) is issued with an attractive vinyl wallet to house items given out during the course. This includes our 90 page A4 book called ‘Retirement – A Positive Approach’ which reinforces the key elements discussed during the course programme.

Participant feedback

“I should have attended a course like this 20 years ago!”

“We both found the seminar very enlightening and useful and have already put a number of suggestions into practice.”

“My wife and I really enjoyed the two days and cannot thank you enough for such an informative time.”

Date Venue Course type
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not intend to run any open courses until we are certain that to do so would not be putting clients, employees and partners at risk

If you are interested in attending an open course yourself or in booking an employee onto one, please contact us.  This is because further dates and venues to the ones shown above are always being considered as a result of enquiries received.

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